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XXX Contec Universal Remote RT-U49C+ User Guide | Images

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While the current device is illuminated, press a nonilluminated power button to operate a different device. Memory GuardTM Eliminates reprogramming after battery changes.

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Save for future reference. Programming your remote is a simple procedure using Point and Press Programming, an automatic method whereby the remote self-programs to each of your devices, eliminating the need to use codes.

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Date of adding : Number of pages: 10 Download How to use this site. However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you Kochsendungen Online Dating always download it Checkmate Iv Model Rt the future from ManualsBase. The option to print the manual has also Checkmate Iv Model Rt provided, and you can use Cehckmate by clicking the link above - Print the manual.

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