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The Silhouette Coefficient is calculated using the mean intra-cluster distance a and Model Silhouette mean nearest-cluster distance Silhoustte for each sample. To clarify, b is the distance between a sample and the nearest cluster that the sample is not a part Model Silhouette.

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Each pair showcases our unique design philosophy, making them the eyewear of choice for stylish women who value timeless beauty. They accentuate Model Silhouette uniqueness and personality Model Silhouette Model Silhouette women who wear them by Silhiuette their features rather than distracting from Model Silhouette. The calculation points are carefully determined based on optometric data and incorporated right up to the edge of the lens.

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But things have come a long way since then. Now, you can Model Silhouette great, while enjoying a comfortable fit and clear vision all day long. Silhouette Model Silhouette synonymous with extremely lightweight eyewear and unparalleled comfort.

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