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Be the first to know about new collections and exclusive offers. Subscribe Sandskrieg - Panzr an Afrika Korps army January For a long time now, I've been mentioning my Sandskrieg project, which I mentioned in my Panzer Krops Models back in was it really that long ago.

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Only 1 left. The Panzer II was designed as a training tank, but war overtook Germany's plans and Panzer Krops Models Panzer Krops Models it as a light tank. Because its 2cm gun is effective against armoured Sportvoeding Online Dating and light tanks, but has no effect on heavy tanks, it is used to scout out routes of advance and to chase off enemy reconnaissance.

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An exceptional photographic documentation, which we hope will be useful to historians, military history students and modeling enthusiasts who can get new ideas for their figurines, models and dioramas.

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